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Kalatu is the name of the new blogging platform of Empower Network. When I first heard the word Kalatu, I was curious to find out what Kalatu means,  a quick search on good old Google, I found very few results other than a translation that suggested the word Kalatu means “To tell a story”.

Kalatú is the aborigine word for storyteller. It is also the name of the new system built for storytellers to make money. Great responsibility is put on the storyteller for they carry the power to provoke, entertain, and enlighten.

kalatu - means to tell a story


Of all of the different kinds of blogging platforms on the market today, many people feel that Empower Network’s recently released Kalatu Blogging Platform is the most user friendly. In many ways, this particular platform is more adaptable and more versatile than any other blogging platform on the market. Although most of the people who favor the platform are experienced or new to blogging, Kalatu from from Empower Network is much easier to use than a lot of other ones outh there. One of the things that makes Kalatu Blogging Platform stand apart from its competitors is the fact that it allows the user to use a wide variety of added features when they build a blog. This means that a larger number of bloggers can realize their dreams by blogging in the language with which they are most familiar and in which they are most accomplished.

A lot of people have welcomed Kalatu Blogging Platform with enthusiasm and with open arms. Kalatu Blogging Platform is right for everybody. If you are not familiar with online blogging, you may find that the release of Kalatu Blogging Platform will help to build your online brand. However, if you are an experienced blogger, you are likely to find much to celebrate in this exciting new platform.

A select group of people are being sought after to fulfill these 5 key roles of storytelling. These people are nominated to take a challenge. If successful there’s 4 benefits for you, including a sponsorship with Kalatú to tell your story.

To receive system information and how you can get a sponsorship with Kalatú enter your name and best email address into the welcome box on the next page and the welcome movie will begin to play immediately and you subscribe for more info!!

In this movie you will learn the 5 key roles of storytelling, the 4 benefits of being a storyteller now, the 3 parts of the system, 2 choices, and reveal the ONE decision that changed everything.

Kalatu Blogging Platform

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