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Wow. I just did a search in google about how to make money with a newsletter and there is so much garbage and misinformation on the topic. For instance, one site offered a step by step guide to starting newsletters and it wasn’t until step number 4, they wrote “Identify your target audience”. That can never be less than number 1 or number 2 on any list about starting newsletters.

The first two on the list are interchangeable or they are actually both included in step 1. Either you choose a target audience, who you want to reach with your newsletter, then find something you believe they will be interested in reading and subscribing to, Or, You choose what you want to write about and find out who will be interested in your content.

So, I suppose, since I started this by talking about a step by step list, I’ll make one myself. This is how I would do it.

Step 1. Choose your target audience. Who is it, What demographic are you trying to reach? Are they young or old? Male or Female? Are they from a specific geographical area? Are they professionals? Business owners? Homeowners? Renters? Own automobiles? Do they like art? Do they like . . . . ? Figuring out who you want to attract as subscribers is easily the first step to starting your own newsletter.

If you already have a website, forum or blog, then your target audience is probably the visitors to your current site. In that case, you only need to identify who your visitors are in step 1. You can offer surveys and polls to find out more about them and use analytics to gather information on your current website visitors.

Step 2. What are you going to send to your target audience? Are you going to offer them something for free like eBooks, Greeting Cards, Videos to watch, Pictures, Articles, Tips and advice on a specific topic, Jokes or what? Figuring out what you are going to offer them for subscribing to your newsletter and spending their time reading your email is the second logical step.

Again, if you already have a website, blog or forum, you can do surveys to find out what your current visitors would like to see in your newsletter.

Step 3. How do I plan to make money with my newsletter? If you already sell a product or service, then you already know this step. If not, then do you plan to sell advertising? Do you plan to do affiliate or network marketing through your newsletter? Do you plan to offer something for sale? (If it’s the last one, you can search for dropshippers in a search engine. They have products you can sell, handle the shipping and the payment processing for you)

Now with Step 1, 2 and 3 out of the way, you know what you are going to include in your newsletter, who you want to send it to and how you plan to make money doing it. Another funny thing about the search I did. I reviewed several articles about starting newsletters and not one of them talked about how they got people to subscribe in the first place. So . . .

Step 4. How are you going to get people to subscribe to your newsletter? There are several ways to do this and it depends on a few factors. If you already have a website, blog or forum that gets regular visitors and they are going to be your target audience, then you need to ask them to subscribe. Give them a compelling reason to sign up for your newsletter and place the offer in your sidebar, in blog or forum posts, in any email you send to them and anywhere else you can get it in front of them. Then just keep promoting your website to get more visitors to see your offer for a subscription to your newsletter.

If you do not already have a website, blog or forum, then you will be relying on other methods to get subscribers such as; Using social media, you can start making friends with your target audience by participating in their groups and interacting with them on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean constantly asking them to subscribe to your newsletter. This means showing an interest in what they are doing and saying and letting the fact that you have a newsletter about that come up as a natural part of conversation.

You should also get your newsletter on as many newsletter lists as possible. A newsletter list is a list of newsletters people can subscribe to. Here’s one example of a place to list your newsletter for people to subscribe to. Here is another one.

You should also get it listed on websites related to your niche and your target audience. For example, if I wanted people who attended the University of New hampshire to subscribe to my newsletter, I’d try to get it listed on this page. If I was targeting investors, I’d want to get my newsletter listed on this website, among others. If you are targeting senior citizens, you find places to offer your newsletter to them, if it’s teens, same thing.

But since we already identified our target audience in step 1, we know what to look for right? Now we just need to use social media and get our newsletter offer into places we know they visit.

Step 5. How do I make a newsletter? and Step 6. How do I send it to my subscribers? I recommend two places, but there are several out there that help you create and mail a newsletter. Constant Contact and Aweber both offer templates to use for your newsletter, a way to collect and store the email addresses of your subscribers, handles removing people when they unsubscribe for you, and facilitates the actual mailing of the newsletter through their system.

They also gather statistics for you, like; How many new signups and how many people unsubscribed, how many people actually opened the email and more. Here is a list of the features offered at Constant Contact and at Aweber.

Step 7. Keeping it fresh. Change it up from time to time. Create special offers. Give out some freebies once in awhile. Send a special issue over and above the regular issue with a hot promotion or offer. Throw in something unexpected that you know they will like. Offer things to them for free, not because they bought something, just because you like them. Some people create a cycle like; Regular Newsletter, Regular Newsletter, Promotional Newsletter, Regular Newsletter, Regular Newsletter, Special Offer, Regular Newsletter, Regular Newsletter, Freebie, Regular Newsletter, Regular Newsletter, etc.


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As always, if you have more questions about starting newsletters or ezines from home or need help in managing it, contact us using this form and we will help you get started and help you continue to produce a high-quality newsletter. Good luck!

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