Affiliate Network Marketing

Affiliate Network MarketingIn affiliate network marketing, individuals generate a revenue stream by promoting products for network marketing affiliates. Many different product can be marketed in this way, including e-books and audio or video media such as training courses or seminars. Affiliate products offer the advantage of profit sharing, providing an incentive for people not just to buy the items themselves but to help the originator to sell more of them.
For example, imagine that someone has put together a training package for distribution online. Instead of trying to market the package himself, the creator could choose to enlist a virtual army of enthusiastic salespeople by offering each person a share of the selling price. Anyone who sells one of the courses gets — to take an average figure — $20 to $50. Each marketer has a unique affiliate link, enabling the creator of the product to track their sales. The more effective their marketing, the more money they make and the more courses the originator sells.
Since you only pay your affiliate marketers when they have actually generated a sale, and since they don’t have to risk their own money, the arrangement is very positive for both you and your marketers.
What if you don’t have a product, however? Not everyone has the time or energy to devote to writing e-books, recording audio tracks or making videos. In this instance, you can sign up as an affiliate marketer to help someone else promote their products. You’ll be responsible for marketing their e-books or other materials, taking a share of any sales you make. The amount you can earn is related directly to your performance — the more effectively you promote the products you’re marketing, the more you will earn.
In affiliate network marketing, you can go even further. Affiliate network marketing systems allow you to recruit other marketers to join your downline. This increases your effectiveness as a marketer and also increases your income, as you receive a portion of all the sales made by people in your downline.
You don’t have to limit yourself to one product or even one line of products, either. As an affiliate marketer, you’re a free agent — you can sign up to market as many or as few products as you wish. Most affiliate network marketers choose to promote more than one product, as this provides a range of different revenue streams.
Here are just some of the affiliate network marketing opportunities you could consider.

Affiliate Network Marketing

Rakuten Linkshare provides online businesses with a spectrum of marketing solutions, including affiliate network marketing. Rakuten Linkshare focuses mostly on larger e-commerce operations, but also provides solutions for smaller merchants. Their broad client base and advertiser service have helped them to retain a top position in the world of e-marketing.
Commission Junction is one of the most popular affiliate network marketing sites. Commission Junction has a reputation for professionalism and is regarded as highly consistent by users. As one of the most trusted names in affiliate marketing, it is a strong competitor and comes highly recommended by users.
The mother of all e-tailers Amazon offers the security of a big name and an unassailable market presence. They only give out a lowish percentage for each sale; however this it offset by their system’s ease of use and the fact that you’re not limited to a narrow product range. Amazon’s product offering is massively broad, encompassing almost anything you can think of; this makes them a hugely popular choice.
ClickBank is a firm favorite for those who want to begin selling their homegrown digital products. Focused primarily on helping small merchants to market their products, ClickBank attracts a great deal of interest from this sector. They are easy to sign up with and use, as well as being an established company.
ShareASale has a very positive reputation in the world of affiliate network marketing, winning significant loyalty from both publishers and marketers alike. It’s often held up as a model network by those involved in affiliate marketing. ShareASale is seen as following best practice for any network.
Founded in 2005, AvantLink has a reputation for professionalism. As a network, it’s gaining a higher profile and is generally seen as one to watch. AvantLink is not yet one of the very biggest names, but it’s seen as performing well and likely to succeed further.
RevenueWire specializes in digital products. It’s notable for its commitment to elevated principles, being founded on the ideals of ethical and sustainable e-commerce.
OneNetworkDirect is ownded by Digital River. It’s the leader in the software sector and is veiwed as having the industry’s finest network technology. Along with offices worldwide, these features make oneNetwork Direct one network to watch.
For the new marketer, there’s really nothing like Pepperjam. They are renowned for being a network that’s genuniely helpful when you’re just getting started. As well as being beloved by newbies, Pepperjam’s following among merchants and super-affiliates is both loyal and expanding.
Although they don’t really have a lot to distinguish them in terms of characteristics, LinkConnector’s an established network. They have the advantage of being connected to plenty of well-regarded merchant brands. They offer brands ranging from smaller niche providers to retailers in the Internet Top 500 list.
Affiliate Window carried off the Best CPS Network award at the Affiliate Marketing Awards in 2012. They have the distinction of being the largest affiliate network in the United Kingdom and have successfully made the jump to the U.S.
eBay Partner
This is auction site eBay’s own official affiliate network. The eBay Partner Network uses the QCP (Quality Click Pricing) payout system.
Avangate is another European network that’s become an award winner. They largely focus on software sales and cloud-based SaaS solutions.
TradeDoubler pioneered affiliate marketing within Europe. It was ounded in 1999, in Sweden. TradeDoubler remains the top performance marketing company in the pan-European sector, thanks to its continued high performance.
Zanox has the distinction of being Europe’s largest affiliate network.
The Millionaire Network is an exclusive affiliate network company. They use an invitation-only model and are focused entirely on supporting advertiser success.
A newcomer to the affiliate network scene, PeerFly has skyrocketed in popularity in 2013. They owe much of their success to superior staff and a high-quality platform.
WebGains is a UK network and a strong contender, supported by solid core values.
AdCommunal has the reputation of being the best in the business as far as AdCanadian internet marketing is concerned.

Affiliate Network Marketing

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