Autoresponder Service Review – ListStream.NET

Autoresponder Service Review - ListStream.NET

In this autoresponder service review, I’d like to let you in on a brand new service called ListStream.Net

The quest to find a reliable, trustworthy, affordable email marketing platform can be confusing with so many options to choose from. For that reason alone, I thought it was important I write this review for you.

Let’s dig in!

A Review Of ListStream’s AutoResponder Service Pricing

If you’re anything like me, one of the most important aspects of any service is knowing what you have to invest to use it.

On ListStream, you can kick off your account with a risk-free $1 trial.

After the trial, you can manage up to 1,000 subscribers for $9.99 per month.

Then (and this is HUGE in my opinion), every extra 1,000 subscribers is just $3.99 per month!

ListStream’s Key Features

Like any email marketing platform, you are able to create unlimited lists, send unlimited broadcasts, and line up as many follow-up messages you want.

Where it gets AWESOME with ListStream, is your account also includes some powerful features which ARE available elsewhere…but you’d normally pay a lot extra per year.

Some of the things included:

1. A powerful landing page creator that helps you build high-converting lead capture pages in minutes.

2. Free hosting for all of your landing pages.

3. Priceless e-mail data through advanced analytics…so you can monitor campaigns, modify messages, and maximize revenue…

4. Custom form fields so you can capture any information you want (like a custom token to ask for a prospect or customer’s birthday to send special messages)…

5. Reliable deliverability rates, so every message is sent where it should be…

6. Unique spam-trap-busting technology to make sure your messages don’t get any UNFAIR
spam flags…

You can see a full list of what they offer here.

Is ListStream Easy To Use?

This is always another concern I have when trying a new service.

I don’t want to have to relearn a bunch of stuff to make something work, so I was very pleased that ListStream IS very easy to navigate and use.

Even if something isn’t immediately clear, I’ve noticed they have a ton of helpful videos and a good support team in place to help you figure things out.

But again, I don’t think you’ll have any issues.

How Do I Get Started With ListStream?

As I mentioned above, they currently have a risk-free $1 trial you can use to check out the service.

All you have to do is claim the trial by registering an account on the site and you’ll be ready to use
everything ListStream offers.

So far, their platform has proven to be effective, affordable, and efficient for running profitable e-mail marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to do just that, I highly recommend taking advantage of their risk-free $1 trial offer to check it out for yourself.

I hope this autoresponder service review was helpful for you.

Use the link above to check it out!

Autoresponder Service Review – ListStream.NET


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