E-zine Advertising: Short Term (part 1/2)

You can advertise in e-zines as often as you line, but I label it a ‘short term’ traffic tactic because what
usually happens is you get a quick ‘rush’ of visitors when your advertisement first appears. It’s not normally a technique for generating a continual flow of traffic. Some will say that e-zine advertising isn’t what it used to be compared to the old days. This is only partially true.

You see, back when e-zine advertising was all the rage, nearly everyone offered advertising opportunities in
their newsletters. This was great in terms of finding ad opportunities for any niche – but it also made it hard to determine which
e-zines had a truly responsive subscriber base.  In other words, a lot of people started up lists for the sake of being able to sell advertising.

Today , you can still find quality e-zines to advertise in. The only issue is whether you can find some
within your particular market. It’s pretty easy if you’re promoting business opportunities or Internet-marketing related products;but, you
may have to do a little digging to find good opportunities within your niche.

The easiest way to start looking is still via regular web search, using:

“niche keyword” + ‘ezine’ – or – “niche keyword” + ‘newsletter’

For example, you would go to http://www.google.com and type in something like ‘guitar ezine’ or ‘guitar
newsletter’ , if you were looking for guitar-focused ezines.

Ezines and newsletters which actively solicit advertising will almost always have a link on the site that
says “Advertise”.

If you don’t see such a link, go ahead and sign up for the newsletter. Get a feel for the author’s focus,
content and attitude. Then , send a personal e-mail to inquire about his/her interest in getting paid to send out one of your solo ads,
or make space for a small classified ad within the newsletter.

If you aren’t having any luck finding good newsletters this way, there are a couple of other resources you can use:

-http://www.ezineadvertising.com – A comprehensive search engine/directory for ezine advertisers. *Requires Subscription*
-http://www.onlineforsuccess.com/ezine-marketing-directory.html – Free to browse and search. Provides data on list size,
frequency of mailings and cost.
-http://www.ezine-dir.com – Free resource. Browse by category.Quality score assigned by subscriber reviews.Unfortunately,
this site does not list whether advertising opportunities are available for each e-zine, so you’ll have to visit the sites
-http://www.ezinelisting.com – A similar resource to the one above, but you can never have too much variety.
-http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/periodicals/index_title.asp – This is the search database for serial periodicals
which have chosen to obtain ‘ISSN’ numbers through The Library Of Congress

Note: Use the LOC ISSN as a last resort or advanced tactic. You won’t find very many ‘mom and pop’ style e-zines there
(though there are a few). However, you will definitely find very high quality publication which do offer advertising opportunities. The only
barrier will be cost, as many of these publications run in both print and web versions. For example, one newletter I found called ‘The Guitar Review’ , sells ad space the way a traditional magazine  would – e.g. -inside back page ads, quarter page ads, etc – and the prices range from 148$ -825$ .



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