How To Compose Good Follow-Up Messages

The easiest way for you to learn how to compose good follow-up messages is to learn by example. You can model what I’ve done.

I’m going to show you the first 5 messages from the autoreponder email compaign I use for an affiliate product below:

Sample Of Affiliate E-mail Follow-Up Campaign :

–Email 1–

subject : (%firstname%), here’s your passive income system …

Hi (%firstname%),

My name is (yourname) and I want to sincerely thank you for opting-in to receive more information on this passive income system… You can click here to see this system here: =>  Just like you, I’ve been searching for a proven method to easily make multiple streams of passive income online.  More specifically, I was looking for a system which will work fo the ordinary person no matter what level of experience… and I’ve finally found it in the Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS)!  This system now earns me huge passive income on complete autopilot 24/7 and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it … make sure you click here it out immediately: =>  I’m also going to give you a very special bonus worth 197$ for the next 7 days only -See the details here : =>  Thanks and I look forward to hearing good news of your success  You will also be receiving more helpful passive income information and tips from me so look out for them in your email…   To your success! Your name PS : If you don’t want to receive more information and tips to help you out, you can scroll down to the end of this email for unsubscribe details, thanks.

–Email 2–

Subject : (%firstname%), you can do this easily…

Hi (%firstname%),

How are you doing? Ewen here with a quick reminder… Hope you had a good look at Plug-In profit site system here: =>  By the way, the special bonus just for you is almost gone, and there’re only 5 days left for you to grab it … =>  This system really works. And you can do this easily … the best thing is , it makes you unlimited passive income automatically!  Yes you read that right-you will make 6 instant streams of passive income with this system automatically *at the same time*  This is because you get a MARKETING SYSTEM built-in for massive leverage – and leverage is one of the key secrets to passive income success. Check it out here : => To Your Success ! (your name)

PS: There’re just 5 days left for you to grab your “Passive Income Secrets Teleclass” spacial bonus… here’s how you can secure it immediately: =>

–Email 3–

subject : who are you (%firstname%) ?

Hi (%firstname%),

I’ve a number of subscribers asking me, “Ewen, who are you ?”  So I thought today’s a good chance to introduce myself more , it’s always better to know whose emails you’ve been reading:-)  Well I’m a fulltime internet marketer from singapore and have been doing business online since 1997.  After many years of trial and failures I finally discovered how to get real consistent income from this internet business…  And I promise to show you the way with real tips and information as well. One of my major income is from this passive system I shared with you earlier : => This really works. In fact it doesn’t matter where you are from and how old you are …  The internet is a level playing field and anyone who’s serious WILL become successful.  For example, I’m from … . Jeff … , another member from the … , has this to say about the passive income system: “Thank you! Two years ago I lost my job, had a baby on the way, was drowning in debt and had no idea where and who to turn to. Today I am earning over 4,000$ every month from this program and growing each month…”  You can read about his results, plus many other real-life stories here: =>  I highly suggest you get started now immediately… To Your Success!

–Email 4–

Subject : Last 24 Hours (%firstname%),

Hi (%firstname%), just a quick reminder on the “Passive Income Secrets Teleclass” bonus.. It will be removed for good in just 24 hours! So if you haven’t grabbed it, this is really your last chance… Here’s the link with the details: => To Your Success! your name

–Email 5–

Subject : (%firstname%), thanks again..

Hi (%firstname%), Thanks again for reading my emails for the past 1 week, I hope you enjoyed them. I’ll be sharing with you A LOT more tips and information to help you in your internet business, so make sure you look out for my emails and keep reading.. If you’re new to this business, here’s little something from me which may be helpful to you … I’ll talk to you soon… To Your Success! (your name)

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