Super Affiliate And Normal Affiliate

10 key Differences Between A Normal Affiliate And A Super Affiliate


1: Super affiliate focus on building a real business, and they understand the big picture when it comes to Internet business, in general

2: Super affiliate will always use branding in their business. In other words, the super-affiliate does not remain anonymous. Instead, he creates a visible “brand” around his name , his web sites, etc … as a means of creating instant trust recognition.

3: Super affiliates focus on building their own opt-in list.NEVER allow your prospect to reach the sales page before opting-in to your list.

4: Super affiliates build a relationship with their market to gain credibility and trust. You must establish both in order for you recommendations to hold any merit with potential customers.

5: Super affiliates operate their businesses with a proven system.

6: Super affiliates choose the right affiliate product to promote. They are very selective, and do not promote just any product to their list . One bad recommendation can domage your relationship with your list, undoing month’s or year’s worth of work.

7: Super affiliates understand the concept of leverage, and reinvest their profits back into their on-line businesses.

8: Super affiliates aim to generate a consistent income. This means remaining active your promotions, and constantly seeking out new products and new niches to profit from – all in an effort to build up multiple streams of income.

9: Super affiliates are creative and unique . They strive whenever possible to write their own promotional ‘copy’, rather than relying on pre-written, paste materials provided by the merchant (e.g., generic, pre-written promotional e-mails and advertisments).

10: Super affiliate generate additional profits form back-end products. ‘Back-end’ product offers consist of products that are typically more expensive (and pay out higher commissions) than “Front-End” product offers (which are used primarily as a means for list-building)

Getting clear on the differences between a normal affiliate and a super affiliate will help you build a better foundation for a long-term affiliate marketing business.

In fact, you may even want to print out the above list and re-read it regularly.

If you read the list from a different perspective, you’ll also see that each point represents one of the mistakes that an average or newbie affiliate might make…

For example , failing to build a list, relying on generic sales copy, not using leverage, etc ….

To sum up :

Super affiliate don’t work any harder than ‘normal’ affiliates in the long run. They just work smarter by squeezing a maximum of results out of every step they take !


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