Test, Measure And Increase Conversions

Test, Measure And Increase Conversions – Conversions tracking is probably one of the least understood concepts among ‘newbie’ affiliate marketers. In my opinion, most ‘how to’ courses do not spend enough time teaching the basics about how to ‘test, track and measure’ the performance of an on-line business. This is a vital skill, though, so let’s start from the very beginning with some definitions on how to increase conversions.

 Measuring Conversions :

The first thing to understand is that the term “conversion” really means “completing a desired action.”

So, technically, a ‘conversion’ can be anything a visitor does that you want him to do. However, there are just a few key ‘conversion’ actions of concern to affiliate marketers :

* Opt-in conversions : Occur when a web site visitor joins your opt-in list and is ‘converted’ into a lead/subscriber.
* Sales conversions  : Occur when a visitor/lead/subsciber purchase a product through your affiliate link .
* Advertising Traffic conversions : Occur whenever someone clicks a link to your web site (e.g., in a pay-per-click advertisement, article, etc)

  The type of conversion we are most concerned with in this system is the Opt-In Conversion. Keep in mind, though, that the same tips l’ll give you here will also apply for improving your conversions in other areas. To measure conversions, you must be able to track them,. In this case, you need to be able to track the performance of your opt-in page. There’s a special trick you can use to do this; but, first, we need to talk about testing. Testing your opt-in page is really about testing conversion factors or ‘elements’ that you’ve placed on the page, to see which elements convert more visitors into subscribers.

For instance, you need to test things like:

*Your main headline
*An alternate headline
*An alternate sub-headline
*An opt-in page with graphics
*An opt-in page without graphics
*Variations on your offer or ‘opt-in bait’
*Placement of subscription form
*Formatting and coloring of text

… and much more . We’ll leave it simple for now , though, and just focus on those main elements.

The key with this is not just in testing each element in isolation, but also testing in combination. In order to do these tests, you will need to create multiple working versions of your opt-in page. This may sound confusing at first, but it really is quite simple once ou understand how to create these combinations. For that reason, I’d like to give you a couple of examples to illustrate the process. Please view the sample opt-in copy below. We’re going to call this our “Control”. A ‘control’ is the version of your opt-in page (or ad, or sales letter, etc.) which you feel is your best work so far.


Test, Measure And Increase Conversions

increase conversions

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