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So what’s in the Costa Rica Intensive by Empower Network? The Costa Rica Intensive is a different kind of training. This was actually created prior to the Empower Network, and was used in David Wood’s Perpetual Funnel System. It used to be a $3,000 Seminar but was dropped to a $500 course. In this course there are 11 Lessons. Throughout the lessons you will learn a lot of online marketing concepts that could help your online business, David Wood does everything a little “different,” you really need to experience it for yourself. There’s a lot of psychology stuff, selling through stories and metaphors, creating a brand using “viral sustainability,” how to create a empire, outsourcing, seo, team culture stuff, and how to speak your to prospect’s language. My Favorite Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive Lesson is learning how to speak to your prospect. In the lesson he dives even deeper in that. You learn dynamic ways on how to speak to each type of customer. Here’s a hint, not every customer is attracted to the same message, or attracted to the same manner of speaking or selling.  Some people love receiving mail, some people love voice-mails, and others like  emails. Some people love stories, some only the facts, and others need to see proof. This lesson teaches you how to speak to more prospects and teaches you how to earn more money in any business venture you are in.

The Costa Rica Intensive by Empower Network is a product of timeless information.. A lot of times people want the “how to” information and the truth is, that stuff changes every day. This product will be relevant 1 year from now, 5 years from now, and even 20years from now, all the information is psychology based and completely timeless. This is the kind of information you need to hit a break-through, this is the time of information that let’s you take a step back and say, “Wow! That’s how it’s done.” Once you purchase the Costa Rica Intensive by Empower Network that qualifies you, if you are signed up as an affiliate, to get 100% on this product, that’s $500! Directly into your account. There is no time like the present for getting involved and purchasing your online marketing courses by Costa Rica Intensive by Empower Network



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