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iPAS2 is a great system for both seasoned Internet Marketers and those just starting off.

  • The landing pages are done for you, and conversion adjustments are made behind the scenes so you don’t have to.
  • When you put your promo links out there, simply add a tracking code at the end of the link and you can see where the opt-ins and sales are coming from.
  • The video do all the ‘selling and telling’ for you.
  • The Business Coaches will contact your new members on your behalf
  • The earning potential is high
  • There’s new training and content being added all the time by leaders in the community.
  • The community feeling make you feel like logging in often, which is good for retention.

Some of the setbacks, especially for someone brand new to Internet Marketing can:

  • The expenses of getting started – but that’s explained within iPAS2 – “these are the costs of doing business online. There’s another side to the coin… income!”
  • Learning free traffic methods, or paying for traffic – all this is dealt with within iPAS2.
  • Paying for, setting up and becoming familiar with GetResponse.

Having said that, any new member won’t feel like they are on their own! With the chat function, their sponsor is a click of a mouse away. Most teams have Facebook Groups when new members can come and feel a part of the team. iPAS2 also has it’s own Facebook Group an the testimonials of success are flying in!

There’s so much more going on within iPAS2. The owner and coaches are incredible, and do a fantastic job. The community spirit is great and industry leaders are providing extra training, motivation and inspiration.

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