Registering Your Own Domain Name

How to register your own domain name, but I want to give you a little background on choosing a domain name first.

It used to be more complicated to choose a domain name than it is now. You had to check Google for generic phrases that relate to your product or service to see how many people actually searched for that phrase, then you had to check to see if that phrase was available as a domain name. People were so desperate to match that exact phrase, they settled for .net, .org, and even .me, .cc, dot anything just to have a domain name with the exact phrase people were searching for.

Times have changed. The way we promote websites has changed. Now you can promote any domain name with the same effectiveness as having that exact phrase in a dot com. At one time, you couldn’t have dreamed of branding a domain name that was catchy unless you had a ton of advertising money. Yahoo, Google, and Twitter are examples of domain names that took a lot of money to get people to remember them.

Today, with Social Media, you can do the same thing with just an investment of your time. I’m not saying your new domain name is going to be the next Twitter, Google or Yahoo. But you can make people aware of your new name and website a lot easier than it was when the only game in town was ranking high in the search engines. So choose something you like. match the name of your company or name it YourName’s Online You’ll be just fine.

Okay, then how do I register my own domain name?

register a domain nameThere are several places to register domain names, but I recommend¬†or It’s cheap, about $10 per year and fairly easy. First you search to see if your domain name is available in .com. Yes, you do want a .com. That hasn’t changed. So find a name that is available ending in .com. Then you click register.There’s one thing about Godaddy you need to be aware of though. They will try to sell you a ton of other things before you check out. They are not a premium web hosting company soHosting your Domain I do not recommend you also buy their hosting. Unless you are hiding your identity for some reason I don’t recommend you buy the privacy feature. You will get a virtually unlimited number of email accounts with other hosting companies, so you do not need to buy GoDaddy’s extra email accounts feature. The only difficult part of registering a domain name with GoDaddy is getting through the registration process and just registering your domain name without all the extras they want you to buy. I will create a tutorial on hosting your domain name with a good hosting company. In the meantime, choose a memorable name and use GoDaddy just to register the name.