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Everyone knows or soon reads about if they just got started, that social media is a big deal if you want to run a business on the web. However, it can be a challenge. Each social media website is different. There is a learning curve. You want to get the most out of your social media campaign, so you should really know how to use each website. In this post, I’m going to talk about five of the social media websites I like. Fortunately, I have some help. 🙂

FaceBook, the 900 pound gorilla of Social Media

I call Facebook the 900 pound gorilla because it has more users than any other social media website. What started as a network for college students now attracts people of all ages, women and men, boys and girls, professionals and the unemployed. Whatever your target audience is, they are on FaceBook, so, you will have to embrace faceBook since you need to be wherever your customers hang out.

Get ready to bookmark the blog post I’m going to share with you. As a matter of fact, you should bookmark this blog post, so you will have access to the tips for all five social media websites in just one place.

This post comes complete with screenshots. The post is 20 Facebook Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know By Kay Tan.

Twitter, the convenience store of social media websites

I call Twitter the convenience store of social media sites because you can get in and out quickly. For the small amount of time it takes to update Twitter, you can get valuable traffic from there, if you use it correctly.

In this post from Mashable, they share 14 tips for using Twitter.

Google Plus, the new kid on the block

While Google can be considered a 900 pound gorilla in its’ own right, when it comes to social media, Google Plus is still one of the new kids on the block. There are a lot of people, including marketing experts that have not adopted Google Plus yet, but you should. For business, Google Plus may end up outshining FaceBook over time.

At Blogging with there are some tips and tricks for using Google Plus. also has a Quick Start Guide for Google Plus.

Pinterest, the visual social media website

Pinterest is also still one of the new kids on the block, but rose quickly in popularity because of the visual aspect. Of course you can share videos and images on all social networks, but Pinterest took that to a whole new level. shared some Pinterest Tips you can use here.

LinkedIn, the Professional’s Social Network Site

I call LinkedIn the Professional’s Social Networking Website because it is, hands down, the most professional social media site there is. You get some spam and irrelevant stuff at all social media sites, but at LinkedIn it’s frowned upon much more than other sites. When you join groups there, be ready to talk business and add value to the conversation or you will be ignored. Don’t just try to sell there. Don’t just join groups of your peers. Join groups where your target audience will be.

Here are 20 tips from Viveka von Rosen on using LinkedIn for your home business.


As with any social media website, as a marketing tool, you need to have a purpose for using it. If you get caught up in it and spend too much time on any of the social media sites, the value of social media to your business will diminish. Either you are there for business or you’re just playing. make sure you can tell the difference. Set social media goals for your home business and achieve those. If you want to play, set time aside for play.

You are there to attract the attention of your target audience. That does not mean posting “Hey! look at me!” or “Hey! Look what I’m selling!”. You’ll see posts like that on Twitter and all social media websites. The people who are just posting come to my website and buy what I’m selling do not know how to use social media for marketing. Don’t just automate posts to social media websites. It’s okay if your blog post is automatically shared, but make sure you also visit your social media sites and do other things besides just share your blog posts.

Create a system if you want, for instance; Your blog post automatically gets shared on Twitter, then go there and share something else from your website, then share 5 things with your followers you think they will be interested in that are not from your website, then find some interesting things your followers shared and re-tweet their tweets, then find one of them that shared a blog post or picture or video and go there and comment where the blog, image or video is. If you just do those things every day, you’ll do okay with Twitter.

At other sites, join a new group once per week, join discussions, participate in your groups and share information that has value. You want them to trust you, so that when you do share what you have to offer, they will listen because of all of the other valuable stuff you’ve shared.

The bottom line; Be real. Show others you care about them and they will care about you.

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