I already have a job – Where do I find the time to earn additional income from home?

That’s the first question most people have when they start thinking about earning more money by working from home. We are conditioned to “being done” when our work day is over. We’re tired. We just want to have a nice dinner and relax. The idea of working more once we get home is outrageous right?

Well, it does take some extra effort to work from home on top of having a regular job. You should weigh the pros and cons and ask yourself a few questions before you decide to do extra work at home.

  • What sacrifices are you willing to make to earn more money?
  • How much time are you willing to spend on working from home or running your own home-based business?
  • What are you looking to achieve by working from home?
  • Do you have specific goals you’d like to achieve? Like; paying for a great vacation each year, buying a new car, adding to the kids’ college fund, paying off some debt, etc.
  • Do you want to turn your part-time work at home job into a full-time job so you can quit your present job someday?

Starting a home-based business or working for someone else from home can help you in more ways than just money. Maybe your regular job doesn’t allow you to be as creative as you’d like to be. Maybe you’re bored doing the same thing every day and you just want to achieve something on your own. Maybe you have some goals to reach and you can’t do that with just your present job. maybe you just want to feel good about doing something you like.

Here are some tips for finding the time to work at home if you’ve decided to try it.

Organize your home schedule

Make sure you have a specific amount of time you are going to spend with your family, a specific amount of time you are going to just relax and a specific amount of time you are going to put into your work at home job or business. You can make money from home in as little as an hour per day on work days and maybe you can find extra time on the weekends to do even more.

Choose a home business or job that you enjoy doing

This is the most important step of all. if it’s something you enjoy, you’ll find more time to put into it and increase your chances of success tenfold.
See about finding a home based business that your family will want to help you with. Your husband may want to contribute to your efforts. Your teen children can do some social networking for you. maybe someone in your family likes to write and can help you with articles and blog posts. Consider your family a resource for your business and find something you all enjoy doing together. There are a lot of benefits to having a family-run home business can be a great thing. More time together. Something to have in common. Teaching responsibility to the children. And more.

Minimize distractions

Let everyone know when it’s your work at home time and that you do not wish to be interrupted. It’s very easy to put off working when you’re at home. That great TV show you wanted to watch is on. Someone popped in to visit unannounced and you need to be a good hostess. Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves. Oh, I forgot to ask my husband, my child something. All of these things and more can make you say, I’ll just do that real quick and get back to my work at home stuff afterwards. trust me. If you allow yourself to interrupt your work, then others will think it’s okay to interrupt you. And the second thing is, you don’t get back to your work at home stuff afterwards either. it becomes “I’ll do better at sticking to my schedule tomorrow”.


Set goals and set specific times aside for your work at home job or business. Set up a home work space that allows the fewest distractions. Get others involved if you can and you think it will help you reach the goals you set.  If you do those things, you can pull in that additional income, be creative and feel good about achieving something. And as always, if you have questions or something to add from your own experience, make a comment or fill out this form to contact us and ask for help.

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I LOVE working from home, specially blogging to earn extra income from home, working from home has allowed me extra free time to do the things I love most. I enjoy spending lots of FREE time with my family!!! Also traveling the world, going to concerts, reading, riding horses, riding quads. Not having your typical 9-5 job allows the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Life is short, make it the best you possibly can for you and the ones you love.

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