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In my last post I went over several choices for you to make about working from home. One of those choices was whether to work for someone else or start your own business. In this post, I’ll be writing about work-at-home opportunities where you work for someone else.

Before I give you some suggestions about working for someone else from home, I want to warn you that there are scams out there that don’t really pay you. You need to research who you will be working for before taking any online job. That being said, there are some really wonderful opportunities to work at home if you have a good Internet connection and a telephone. Flexible hours, no commuting to work and good pay are some of the benefits you will enjoy with a good online job. Here are a few types of jobs you can search for online.

Work from home as a Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of small companies and one-man or one-woman operations out there. Many of them can’t afford to hire a full-time personal assistant. They need someone to answer phones, do transcription, schedule appointments, plan events, make phone calls and other things you can do at home on your personal computer. A good virtual assistant can make very good money working for the right employer.

Being a Virtual Assistant can also be a business where you provide these services for several clients rather than working for just one person.

Home Based Customer Service or Technical Support Jobs

For customer service jobs that allow you to work from home, you only need a pleasant phone voice and a desire to help people who have a complaint or a problem they need to solve with the company you are working for and of course, a telephone. These companies provide you with scripted answers for most problems.

With technical support jobs, you will need to have some knowledge about the support you are giving. The companies do provide some scripted answers, but a person calling with a problem will be able to tell whether you know what you’re talking about or not. But many tech support jobs are simple, like; How to do something on their cellphone or computer, how to use a piece of software, etc. So the learning curve for you might not be so bad.

Translation Jobs that allow you to Work from Home

If you speak and write at least one language other than English, there are a lot of opportunities for someone to translate documents, business letters, sales pages, brochures, entire websites and even blog posts. The translation business is booming and will only get stronger as more and more countries do more of their business online in an international market. Many companies are looking for translators to work for them on a regular basis.

You will need some writing skill in order to take advantage of this work at home opportunity. This is another area where you can do this working for someone else or as your own home business offering your services to clients.

Data Entry Jobs

This is an area where you need to be careful. There are a lot of data entry job scams out there that don’t really pay you. You should check the company out thoroughly before taking a work at home data entry job. There are legitimate data entry jobs available though. Some are low paying, some pay very well, like those in the medical transcription field or other specialized area. You can get training in medical transcription and other specializations on the web, so you can go after a better paying data entry job you find available.

Answering Service Jobs

Pretty simple. You need to have a pleasant phone voice and may need to be available to answer the phone at odd hours like three in the morning. There are companies that will hire you to work at home answering phones for them and it’s one of the easiest online jobs out there.

Online Transcription Jobs

Besides medical transcription, there are other types of transcription jobs that allow you to work at home, like transcribing interviews. Authors, Journalists and others who do a lot of interviews record those sessions. They send you an audio file and you type it up for them. You need good typing skills and a good pair of headphones for this type of work at home job.

Content Writing from Home

Many companies don’t have the in-house staff to create content for articles, blog posts, websites, press releases and even for their social networks. Many of these jobs pay you as piecework, others pay hourly. This is a business that never ceases to grow as more and more high-quality content is needed in order for any company to be noticed on the web. if you are a good writer and can create compelling content, this is a great work at home job to have.

Online Expert and Consulting Jobs

If you have expertise in a particular field, there are many websites where you can register as an online expert. Some even allow you to set your own rates and let their customers decide which expert to hire. You should have documented proof of your expertise, but some allow you to take a test to qualify.

Photography and Graphics

There are companies that hire good photographers to take pictures they want to use in their websites, blogs, brochures, catalogs and more. other companies will pay you to create graphics at home for those same purposes if you have some skill in that area. These jobs can pay very well depending on your level of expertise and skill.

Other Online Jobs

I’m going to stop here. There are tons of work at home job opportunities available to you. The traditional mindset of going out to look for a job is outdated. Think of all of the things you know how to do. Write them down on a list. Search online for jobs that match those skills and you will find a good job that allows you to work from home and make additional income or maybe even as a full-time job. It may even lead you to running your own online business. The opportunities are there. All you have to do is search for them.

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I LOVE working from home, specially blogging to earn extra income from home, working from home has allowed me extra free time to do the things I love most. I enjoy spending lots of FREE time with my family!!! Also traveling the world, going to concerts, reading, riding horses, riding quads. Not having your typical 9-5 job allows the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Life is short, make it the best you possibly can for you and the ones you love.

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