Providing a Service to Clients from Home

As I said in a previous post, this is my personal favorite when it comes to work at home jobs. providing a service doesn’t require inventory and the only real investment is your education and experience. Whatever your area of expertise, there are clients who need your services. The trick comes in letting them know you are available and ready to help them.

Here are some examples where working from home as a service provider can be very lucrative

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer or Programmer
  • Professional Ghost Writer
  • Content Writer
  • Legal Services
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Consultant (All Fields)
  • Providing Online Training
  • Technical Support
  • Counseling

As I said those are just a few examples. There are a lot of work at home opportunities that involve providing services to clients in your area of expertise. If there is a service you know how to provide, you can bet there are people who need your service.

How do I get started?

Marketing your services online can be done several ways. It helps if you have a website, but it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.

Work at Home MomYou can buy a website template for as little as $60 at places like or If you have some web design and search engine optimization skills you can turn one of those into an incredible site to offer your services. I do not recommend using the “free” templates that are available online. You get what you pay for.

Building your website in WordPress is another way to get started. The software is free to download and almost installs itself. You can also purchase templates for WordPress and again, I do not recommend free templates. The templates you buy usually have more options and functionality. Learning to use WordPress is easy. If you need help installing and configuring WordPress or want a private online tutor to teach you how to use WordPress, Fill out this form and let us know. (An example of how I provide a service to clients from home 🙂

You can install WordPress and blog about your services. This blog uses WordPress. The content stays fresh and each blog post becomes another web page offering your services to clients. Be helpful. Provide your readers and potential clients with useful information related to the services you provide and make it easy and affordable and they will respond well.

Okay, I have a Website or a Blog, What else do I need?

Now you need people to find you. Just building is website isn’t like the saying from the movie, Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come”. You should know your target audience enough to figure out how they use the web and where they “hang out”.

Are your clients tech-savvy? Are they professionals? Are they business owners? Homeowners? Once you identify your target audience, find out where they hang out. Professionals and business owners can usually be found on as well as other social networks. Others can be found on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest as well as communities specific to their industry or type of business. If your potential clients aren’t professionals or business owners, they use some of the same social networks and you can look for forums and social networks specific to their areas of interest.

Once you find out where they hang out, you join and create your profile and/or business page or listing. Then read what they are saying. Find questions they have asked that you can help them with . . . for free. Don’t go in and start posting about what you charge and why they should buy from you. Don’t be in a “Hey! Look at me! Look at what I’m selling!” mindset. Don’t be a spammer.

Become part of those communities. Participate. Be yourself. Make friends. What you do for a living and what you offer to clients will come up in conversation and your website or blog is there to close the sale. The more you participate, the more friends you will make and that will lead to new clients for your services. You’ll soon have a home business and a good reputation.

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I LOVE working from home, specially blogging to earn extra income from home, working from home has allowed me extra free time to do the things I love most. I enjoy spending lots of FREE time with my family!!! Also traveling the world, going to concerts, reading, riding horses, riding quads. Not having your typical 9-5 job allows the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Life is short, make it the best you possibly can for you and the ones you love.

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